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Bicycle Injury Attorney

Bicycle injury resulting from riding on bikes without helmets leaving their heads unprotected can sometimes leave people with permanent brain injuries and head trauma, Attorney Steve Juskewitch understands how devastating these can be.

The human skull as incredible as it may be, protecting our brains and other organs, was not well designed for impacts with the pavement or metal road rails. Most current ANSI approved helmets are able to provide first impact protection, and absorb much of the force of a sudden, blunt impact. A very high percentage of cyclists' brain injuries, estimated at anywhere from 45 to 88%, can be prevented by wearing a helmet while riding your bike.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Children do as we do, not as we say. Adults need to teach by example. Please wear your helmet. The kids who see adults without helmets infer that helmets are NOT necessary, important or cool. When parents are not around, these kids drop the helmet. Make it a requirement EVERY time:

No Helmet, No biking. Simple. Safe. Sensible.

I hear many excuses when friends mention not wearing their helmet:

"We weren't riding fast."

"We were only on the trail."

"We didn't ride far."

In my opinion, these excuses and unsafe habits are invitations to disaster.

According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute: There are 73-85 million bicycle riders in the United States.

770 bicyclists died on US roads in 2006. Over 90 percent died in crashes with motor vehicles.

The "typical" bicyclist killed on our roads is a sober male over 16 not wearing a helmet riding on a major road between intersections in an urban area on a summer evening when hit by a car.

Please, get out there and ride, but do so with the proper precautions. Obey traffic and safety laws and by all means wear a helmet.

I'm there to help when disaster strikes, but please ride safely and make sure your loved ones do so as well.


All PASSENGERS under the age of 17 must wear a hemet;

ALL RIDERS under the age of 15 years must wear a helmet;

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