Sex Crimes

Below are a sampling of cases in recent years which I've successfully represented individuals under investigation for, or charged with, sexual offenses in federal and state court.

  • Prostitution Offenses
  • Obscenity and Related Offenses
  • Offenses Against Public Sensibilities
  • Offenses Involving the Sexual Performance of a Child
  • Federal Sex Crimes Defense
  • Sexual Misconduct
  • Rape
  • Consensual Sodomy
  • Sodomy
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Aggravated Sexual Abuse
  • Course of Conduct Against A Child
  • Child Molestation
  • Possession of Child Pornography
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Prostitution
  • Patronizing a Prostitute
  • Promoting Prostitution
  • Permitting Prostitution
  • Loitering For the Purpose of Engaging in a Prostitution Offense
  • Obscenity
  • Disseminating Indecent Materials to Minors
  • Public Lewdness
  • Exposure of a Person
  • Promoting the Exposure of a Person
  • Public Display of Offensive Sexual Material
  • Use of a Child in a Sexual Performance
  • Promoting an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Possessing an Obscene Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Promoting a Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Possessing a Sexual Performance by a Child
  • Statutory Rape

Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

For more than 16 years, I have represented individuals accused of committing sexual offenses in Maine State and Federal courts with a remarkable rate of success. Without a doubt, sex crime charges are some of the most difficult and challenging to defend because of the nature of the allegations, the potential punishment involved, and the damage to one's reputation caused by the announcement of these charges.

But based on my vast knowledge of the law and experience in aggressively exploring and then litigating every issue presented by these cases, time and again I have achieved favorable results for my clients as their Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer.

So much so, I welcome the toughest matter how bad it looks.

In sex offense cases, there are a number of legal defenses and other critical issues that tend to come up regularly. Only an experienced practitioner, one who has fought courtroom battles using these defenses and contended with these issues, can effectively wade through all these issues.

I've skillfully tried sex offense cases for more than 16 decades and have dealt with it all during this time. I am well-prepared to confront any evidence that a prosecutor may attempt to utilize, and to aggressively investigate all defenses that may lead to your exoneration.

I have:

Experience in aggressively investigating the background of the accuser with an eye towards developing evidence demonstrating credibility problems, a history of making false accusations and any motive to falsify their claims.

Experience litigating a prosecutor's improper attempts to bring before the jury prior instances of alleged unlawful or improper sexual behavior by the accused.

Experience in assessing the critical role of physical and forensic evidence, and in particular serological evidence such as DNA, in establishing what type of contact occurred between the complainant and the accused.

Experience in using the "consent defense" in which the accused contends that any sexual contact between the accused and the complainant was agreed to and not a product of force.

Experience asserting that the complainant has misidentified the accused as their assailant due to suggestive police misconduct.

Experience asserting a defense of entrapment in the case of law enforcement "sting" operations designed to ensnare the accused in internet sex abuse and prostitution cases.

Experience in arguing for mitigation in cases of "statutory rape".

Experience in federal child pornography prosecutions.

Experience challenging the Penal Law statute in Maine which has been used to prosecute persons accused of using the internet to arrange meetings with individuals they believe to be minors for the purpose of having sex with them.

Experience in asserting a "consent defense" to assault charges where the assaultive conduct in question arises in the context of sado-masochistic sex.

Experience in challenging determinations made under the Sex Offense Registration Act (SORA).

At the end of the day, there aren't a lot of sexual related crimes I haven't helped my clients with.

So if you, or a loved one, finds them self to be the target of an investigation related to sexual crimes, or has already been arrested and charged with a sex related crime, don't hesitate to call me immediately for a free consultation at 207-667-0483.

If you need need help after regular business hours or on weekends, call my emergency line at 207-240-6582.