Spousal Support

Spousal Support Family Law

Is spousal support or alimony always a involved in divorce settlement? An order of spousal support or spousal maintenance often referred to as alimony is not necessarily a forgone conclusion as a result of a divorce in the Sate of Maine.

Steve Juskewitch is an experienced divorce attorney who will recommend a fair solution to the courts' concerning spousal support or alimony arrangements, understanding the courts' criteria will play a major in this area of the divorce. At The Juskewitch Law Firm, we assist clients in Ellsworth, Maine, Hancock and Washington counties, working diligently toward a fair and workable spousal support agreement.

During divorce proceedings the courts' always consider many specific factors to de terming if and, to what extent, and many times for what length of time spousal support may be ordered. These considerations will include:

  • The length of the marriage, Combined income of both spouses and the lifestyle the parties involved.
  • The spouses ability of the spouses to work, age, education, and in addition special skills or training.

Additional considerations may include mental or physical illness or disability resulting in limited ability to be self-supporting, as well as the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. Another contributing factor may also be any property division agreement currently in place

Protecting Assets and you right is a priority

Divorce may contribute a significant financial challenge. Attorney Steve Juskewitch understands this and will make every effort protect your future financial security and your rights.

Steve Juskewitch is extremely competent at negotiating the complex issues involved in a high-net-worth divorce and division marital assets. The Juskewitch Law Firm has respected financial professionals and expert accountants who can make a big difference in your outcome.

If you have questions concerning whether you will have to pay or my be eligible to receive spousal support from a divorce, contact Steve Juskewitch at 207-667-0483 and speak with an experienced Maine divorce lawyer.