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Family Law Attorney Steve Juskewitch

Steve Juskewitch has many years of experience at protecting and defending the rights and interests of Maine's residence and families in Ellsworth, Bangor, primarily in Hancock and Washington Counties, including all those with family law concerns in the Sate of Maine, attorney Juskewitch understands that family's need legal assistance in some legal matters. Steve Juskewitch cares about his clients and offers representation that is nearly unequaled to all families in need of family law representation, from Portland Maine to Lubec you will not find a better family law attorney to help you.

Steve Juskewitch has earned a reputation of being caring and respected in the family law legal system. Steve Juskewitch achieves very effective results that you can depend on in family court matters.

Effective, thoughtful and experienced representation, from division of property to Guardian ad litem advice, Steve Juskewitch is on your side, considering all your rights and best interests specific to your individual situation.

If you are considering or are involved in a divorce or other family law court procedure, you can rely on Steven Juskewitch's Family Law office to offer; considerate, thoughtful, compassionate and experienced approach in the protection of your rights and interests. We offer real life solutions you can live with and extend fair and honest advice to all parties in the situations listed below:

  • Legal separation
  • Child Support,
  • Child Visitation Schedules
  • Paternity Suite
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Spousal maintenance/Alimony
  • Division of Assets
  • High Profile Divorces
  • Second Parent Adoptions
  • Domestic Violence/Abuse

Personal advice and thoughtful guidance during family transitions and the emotional turmoil, and the tremendous financial upheaval and legal impact of a divorce on your entire family, we are here to work closely with you, from start to finish throughout the entire process and we will be there for you, even after your divorce.

Steve Juskewitch is happy to listen to your concerns and clarify your tax options, credit , health insurance and benefits, retirement plans and other family matters may be altered. Our priority is to arrange a divorce settlement you will NOT regret. We may enter negotiations, however we are also extremely capable during the entire litigation process, especially during all division of debt, possible marital assets and every custody issue that may evolve.

Your problems will also become our problems

For more information regarding our High Profile divorce representation, family law practice or how we can help you through any family law issue, call us 207-667-0483, or contact us by e-mail today. Our office is conveniently located in Ellsworth, Maine just around the corner from City Hall, and is easily accessible.

Steven Juskewitch is a Divorce Lawyer and Mediator who handles ALL types of divorces - from the easiest, uncontested divorce where he represents one of the parties whose spouse goes to court without an attorney, to the most serious of divorce situations, even those requiring the termination of parental rights.

Steve Juskewitch is a Maine family law attorney who is dedicated to family law solutions while helping couples keep the costs of a divorce as low as possible including the financial costs and the emotional stress. We offer all family law services, including information our clients need to determine whether to get divorced at all.

Steve Juskewitch uses his experience as an Ellsworth, Maine Divorce Lawyer to ensure his clients' rights are protected and the necessary issues are discussed and resolved, while still helping both parties to maintain control over their agreement to the highest degree possible. The less the parties spend on "fighting," the more money they will have to divide between themselves.

If children are involved or not, friendlier is cheaper. A divorce is very life-changing experience, and we will help our clients as much as possible through the process.

Family Law Attorney Steve Juskewitch will explain how Maine judges deal with issues regarding basic needs so that the couple can maintain while the divorce is pending.

If the couple has children, these are the primary concerns:

  • In contested Child Custody cases, where will the child live?
  • How much will Child Support be?
  • What kind of visitation of children will there be?

It is commonly agreed that it is essential for children to know that they are not responsible for the divorce. Kids learn from watching their parents as role models and when they face any problems with their own relationships, they will act just as they saw their parents do.

The couple will each be required to take a parenting class and to file the original of the certificate of completion with the court. This is not really about parenting as much as it is about the effects of divorce on kids. The client can choose the most convenient date, time and location.

Contested and Adversarial Divorce

During these cases, our clients can be especially confident that Attorney Steven Juskewitch will use his negotiating and mediation skills to obtain the best results possible. If, a court hearing or trial is necessary. Every client of Mr. Juskewitch can depend on his commitment to get the best solution. You may want to go to Divorce Mediation prior to your trial. In this situation, Mr. Juskewitch will represents his clients at the mediation, which would also be attended by the spouse and their attorney.

Of course, Steve Juskewitch also deals with many Maine family law issues in addition to divorce.

Our Law Office of Steve Juskewitch has may years experience in the practice of Family Law. We are located in Ellsworth, Maine and also handle Washington as well as Hancock County family law cases.

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